01.05: There Once Was A Girl From Nantucket
Seasons 1 and 2 DVDs

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To help his brother's social life, Brian sets up Joe on a blind date. However, Joe's date (Cindy) turns out to have a certain reputation, that being one of an "easy girl." Predictably the date turns into a disaster. Eventually Cindy decides to leave Nantucket and start a new life in Boston.


Tim Daly as Joe Hackett
Steven Weber as Brian Hackett
Crystal Bernard as Helen Chappel
Thomas Haden Church as Lowell Mather
David Schramm as Roy Biggins
Rebecca Schull as Fay Cochran

Huck Liggett as Customer
Kelly Britt as Woman
Ben Mittleman as Jimmy
Megan Mullally as Cindy
Ken Zavayna as Bartender

Director: Noam Pitlik
Executive Producers: David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee
Casting: Jeff Greenburg C.S.A.
Executive Story Consultant: Philip LaZebnik
Associate Producer: Maggie Randell
Director of Photography: Ken Lamkin A.S.C.
Art Director: Roy Christopher
Editor: Billy Fox
Unit Production Manager: Stephen Lim
1st Assistant Director: Michael Looney
2nd Assistant Director: Sam Epstein
Music Composed and Adapted By: Anthony Cooke
Theme By: Franz Schubert
Set Decorator: Laura Richarz
Script Supervisor: Sonny Filippini
Casting Executive: Helen Mossler C.S.A.
Music Editor: Chips Swanson
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Palmer
Costume Supervisor: Joyce Aysta
Technical Coordinator: Rick Beren
Production Coordinator: Janice Carr
Production Mixer: Robert Crosby C.A.S.
Make Up Artist: Bruce Hutchinson
Hair Stylist: Marilyn Patricia Phillips
Assistants To The Producers: Keith Bickford, Yvette Culver, Teena Heim, Suzanne Holmes, Larry McCallister, Lori A. Moneymaker, Sheila Gutherie Nevil, W. Dean White, Eddie Williams, Elise F. Macaluso, Tony Martinelli

Episode Quotes

Brian: If you don't go out with Cindy then her best friend Gale doesn't go out with me, and Gale is... All right, you remember that fantasy I've had since junior high?
Joe: You're kidding!
Brian: I swear...
Joe: You found a six foot, red headed oriental girl!?
Brian: And she can cook! Joe, god love her she can cook!

Roy: Hackett, Cindy's got a certain, reputation. A lot of guys tend to drop by her place on the weekends.
Joe: Are you telling me she's a pro!?
Roy: Shhhh, Hacket! Relax, she's no professional. But she's unquestionably the island's ranking amateur.

Jimmy: Whoa, I'm not your buddy. I'm just trying to have a couple of laughs here with the lady.
Brian: Well Cindy is with my brother Joe now, she doesn't laugh anymore.