Quick Biography:

Antonio Scarpacci
As Portrayed By: Tony Shalhoub


Cab Driver

First Season:


First Episode:

017. Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places


Angelo (Father) - Anna-Maria (Mother) -Giacomo (Cousin) - Carmine (Uncle) - Dominic (Cousin) - Carlo (Uncle) - Pollo (Uncle) - Angelo (Cousin) - Helen Chappel - (Ex-Wife)

He is an Italian immigrant who provides taxi service to and from the airport. Antonio is mild-mannered, deferential, and hopelessly romantic; he falls head-over-heels for Helen's older sister Casey when she returns to Nantucket, though his feelings are not reciprocated.

Antonio was originally a waiter, and made a guest appearance in the second season in this role before becoming an official cast member in the third season (by which time he had changed professions). He is often seen wearing a bow tie when in more formal clothes.

Fun Trivia Facts:

  • Antonio is the son of Angelo and Anna-Maria. He is from Pasitano, Italy. His grandparents were married for 81 years. He had a yellow blanket as a child. As a child in Italy, for Christmas the family would decorate the tree and then carve the traditional Christmas eel.
  • Antonio came to the United States in a small box with his brothers.
  • Antonio's first job was head waiter at Pontrelli's, a local restaurant on Nantucket. While working at Pontrelli's, a man died choking on a chicken bone. After being head waiter, he became a cab driver, servicing people to and from the airport. Antonio once worked as a salesman for the Whispering Pines Mortuary selling coffins and burial plots.
  • Most of his evenings include a flashlight, and some very strange shadow puppets.
  • Antonio has an uncle who is a plumber and another uncle Carlo who is a very rich, well-to-do cobbler. Antonio has another uncle named Carmine. Antonio has yet another uncle Pollo, who drove a beat-up old stationwagon. One of Antonio uncles makes genuine calf-skin gloves in Italy for ten dollars a pair. Antonio's cousin Angelo was once on television for robbing a convenient store.
  • Antonio gets his clothes dry cleaned at Jiffy Cleaners.
  • Antonio can play a little bit on the guitar.
  • Antonio once saved a man's life by making his seem more pathetic so the guy would not commit suicide.
  • Antonio nearly got deported because the government refused to renew his visa, so he married Helen in order to stay in the country. It was later revealed he hoped Helen would genuinely fall in love with him, and he kept it a secret about a change in immigration policy. Congress had ordered a lottery of green card applicants that year, and Antonio turned out to be one of the winners. Deciding to put Helen's concerns about his, he agreed to end the sham marriage as he had his green card (and to possibly save Helen from being charged with matrimony fraud).
  • Antonio claims to never let anyone see him cry, although he might have been in tears after finding out he would get deported.
  • Antonio is a butt man.
  • Antonio wears the same size clothing as one of Fay's ex-husbands.
  • Wednesdays are Antonios days off. Fridays are his busiest days.
  • Antonio's house has a little trellace with Morning Glories on the porch. There is an apple tree in his front yard. His neighbor has a the Yard Demon 742 Leafblower.
  • Antonio is not very good at face-to-face confrontations.
  • Antonio is allergic to clams. If he eats one, his tongue begins to swell up, his throat constricts, and he often has to seek medical help. He hates being late for airline flights.
  • Antonio likes a grilled cheese sandwich with double pickles.
  • Antonio considers Sylvester Stallone to be the handsomest man in the world.
  • Fell instantly infatuated with Casey when she came to the island, comparing her to the goddess Venus.