Brian Michael Hackett
As Portrayed By: Steven Weber



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01. Legacy


Joe Hackett (Brother) - Mae Hackett(Mother) - Helen Chappel (Sister In Law) -Casey Chappel (Sister In Law) - Carol (Hackett) (Ex-Wife)


Brian Hackett is the more carefree of the Hackett brothers. His irresponsibility is often a source of consternation to older brother Joe: he had a "free ride" to Princeton and dropped out, was accepted into the astronaut training program at NASA and was soon expelled, and has lost other lucrative opportunities due to his reckless nature.

He moved to the island of Mystique in the Caribbean and ran charter flights there after he eloped with his brother Joe's fiancee, Carol, which caused a rift between the brothers. When Carol left Brian, he returned to Nantucket, and Joe was eventually persuaded to allow him not only to move into his house but to give Brian a job at Sandpiper Air.


  • Brian's mom, Mae, ran out on the family when he was only ten, and basically his brother Joe took care of him as their father eventually became insane. She used to put a little alcohol in his warm milk at night to help him sleep. He reacted to his mother's leaving by sleeping under his bed (a bunk bed which he shared with Joe, who had the top bunk) for a couple months and telling everyone his real mother was Shirley Partridge. As a child, he used to look at and memorize his father's Playboy magazines.
  • Brian loved the television show, "the Six Million Dollar Man," but he called it, "The Bionic Man."
  • Brian often wrote letters to Captain Kangaroo and would watch the program each and every morning to see if one of them would be read on the air. Turns out Joe had been hiding them all and telling Brian they were mailed. Brian was so mad that none of them were ever read that he once gave Captain Kangaroo the finger in New York City.
  • When Brian's father bought him his first Schwinn bicycle, he loved it, slept with it, and couldn't stand being away from it.
  • Brian's childhood dream was to be an international spy like James Bond.
  • In high school, Brian wore braces.
  • Brian once painted Joe blue.
  • Brian received a scholarship to Princeton, where he even almost made the freshman tennis team. He didn't make the team because of some story about Bengay in the coach's jock strap, but he denied doing it because at the time he was dressing a pig while wearing the coach's wife's lingerie. His college roommate now works in the Public Relations department with the Boston Red Sox.
  • Brian was the youngest person ever accepted into NASA, but got kicked out when he supposedly brought a date into the shuttle simulator.
  • Brian used to fly planes for Iguana Airlines.
  • When his brother Joe was grounded due to hypertension, Brian left Sandpiper after he was called irresponsible and undependable. He was hired by TWA, but he turned down the job to come back to work at Sandpiper when he found out Joe was selling the airline to Roy Biggins.
  • Brian borrowed Lowell's houseboat to impress Alex and ran into a sixty foot cabin cruiser. The boat sunk, and Lowell moved in with Brian and Joe.
  • Brian likes to have a snack in bed at night.
  • Brian once flew Oliver North to Nantucket, and Oli game him an autographed copy of his book.
  • Brian Hackett always springs for the ten foot Big Sandwich.
  • After Alex left him, he saw a psychiatrist named Dr. Greyson.
  • Brian went on a date and had sex with his old ninth grade teacher, Miss Jenkins.
  • Brian is afraid of heights.
  • Brian considers Kevin Costner to be the handsomest man in the world.
  • Nicknames: Slick (by Alex Lambert)
  • Good Luck Charms: a piece of his little blue blanket from childhood.
  • Fellow co-star Thomas Haden Church is reported to have initially auditioned for the role of Brian, before being cast as Lowell Mather.