00wings brian haley

Brian Haley as Budd Bronsky

Budd Bronski is a retired US Marine who replaced Lowell Mather as the resident mechanic at Sandpiper Air.


While he was in the Marines, Bud had caused an incident that led to a plane going down and wiping out an entire town. He was cleared by a board of inquiry but still wonders whether he tightened a bolt or not. Brian had hired him over the phone without consulting Joe or Roy Biggins, angering them, but they were relieved to learn he would work for the same salary as Lowell did.
Budd is a perfectionist and stresses about procedures; if something is off, he often shouts out in a manic outburst. Brian eventually convinces Budd to relax and put the past behind him concerning the incident. He most likely has PTSD from his time in the military as evidenced when Roy startles him and he begins to scream "Hi!" repeatedly.


  • Budd only stays around for a few episodes; he doesn't appear in the series finale.