Carol (Hackett)
As Portrayed By: Kim Johnston Ulrich


Business Professional

First Season:


First Episode:

03. Return To Nantucket Part 1


Joe Hackett (former brother-in-Law), Brian Hackett (ex-husband)

Quick Biography:

Carol is a former local of Nantucket Island. She attended Siasconset High School with Joe Hackett, Brian Hackett and Helen Chappel and was often referred to as the most popular girl in school for the majority of her life. Her father owned the local ice cream shop in town which Helen frequented. Carol once pushed Helen over for getting ice cream on her dress. She may have been one of the reasons that Joe and Brian first started vying for her attention in high school.

After high school, Carol ended up engaged to Joe as he was setting his plans in motion to open Sandpiper Air. As Joe had envisioned it, Carol would work the counter and control the day to day operations of the airline (a role that Fay would eventually occupy) while Joe would handle the flying. Everything seemed to going well until Carol ran off with Brian, ending their engagement and leaving Joe heartbroken. The brothers wouldn’t see each other again for six years.

Things went from bad to worse when Carol left Brian for another man. Brian found himself back in Nantucket working with Joe, but when he has a chance to see Carol one more time, he jumps at it and flies to Boston to make his last ditch attempt to win Carol back. Carol was on her way to London to start a new job but briefly agrees to return to the island with Brian.

While on the island, Carol makes a pass at Joe and confesses that she is unable to make a decision between which brother she wants. In the end both Brian and Joe decide that she is like poison to them and decide that they both need to leave her, and get on with their lives, without Carol.

Fun Trivia Facts:

  • Carol's father owned an ice cream shop on the island that Helen used to frequent as a child growing up.
  • Carol's parents owned a three legged blind chihuahua named "Lucky".
  • Brian and Carol's first date was at the top of the Prudential Building in Boston.
  • She had been living in St. Croix before taking the London job, which is where Danny McCoy ran into her.
  • Brian and Carol had been separated for six months before he got to see her in Boston.
  • She hates smoked oysters.
  • Helen called her "The Pig."