Quick Biography:

Casey Chappel
As Portrayed By: Amy Yasbeck


Lunch counter girl (Season 8)
Sales Associate (Season 8)
Tourism agent (Season 7)

First Season:


First Episode:

06x01: Twisted Sister


Helen Chappel (Sister) -Deedee Chappel (Mother) - Joe Hackett (Brother In-Law) - Brian Hackett (Brother In-Law) - Stuart Davenport (Ex-Husband)

Casey is Helen's older sister. She returns to Nantucket after being abandoned by her husband, Stuart Davenport, but despite having grown up on Nantucket, she has difficulty adjusting her upper crust tastes and sensibilities to a working class life on the small island.

Though Antonio falls madly in love with her, Casey takes little notice of him. After she and Brian spend the better part of a season sniping at each other, they end up having sex the night before Joe and Helen's wedding. Afterward they find themselves unable to stay away from each other, having a passionate affair; while Joe and Helen are on their honeymoon, Casey's bra lands on the hearth of the lit fireplace and leads to Helen's house burning down.

Her relationship with Brian cools after that, but they maintain a friendship. When she first appears in the show, Casey goes by her married name of Davenport, but after she and Stuart divorce at the end of season seven, she reverts to Chappel.

Fun Trivia Facts:

  • She was the head cheerleader at Siasconset High School, and dreamt of being a beautiful supermodel when she grew up.
  • Casey married Stuart, who was very rich and successful in the corn pad market, but he ran off on her.
  • After moving to Nantucket as a child, Casey lost her accent.
  • She wears fancy french underwear.
  • Casey loves lillies.
  • She likes Snickers candy bars and watching the Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • She once got her hair cut from Lowell's cousin Bevo, who shaves dogs and cats for surgery.
  • In the second season episode "A Terminal Christmas," Helen mentions that her sister's name is Lorraine and that she has two "bratty" kids. This was retconned in the sixth season with Casey's debut. Her marriage to Stuart was without issue (meaning Stuart and Casey had no children).
  • Casey may have had feelings for Lowell, this is evident when she smirks after he grabs her and kisses her. Lowell did this twice, and his second time he referred to her as "dumpling".