Quick Biography:

Cindy McGrath
As Portrayed By: Megan Mullally


Cosmetics Counter Girl

First Season:


First Episode:

05. There Once Was A Girl From Nantucket

Cindy McGrath works a day job as the cosmetic counter girl at the local Buy-Rite Drugstore, but she may be better known around town as the island's most popular call girl. She wasn't actually a prostitute, just a very "easy" date.

In the episode titled, "There Once Was a Girl From Nantucket" Brian manages to get a date with his fantasy girl, a six-foot tall, red-headed oriental woman who can cook. However the one stipulation is that he has to find a date for her friend, luckily Brian thinks of Joe right off the bat. Later on Brian comes to realize that the girl he was supposed to date was in reality nothing like what he had originally thought. But to save Cindy the embarassment of having to cancel the date, Joe agrees to go through with the date, provided Brian and Helen double with him.

After the disaterous date, Cindy decides to leave the island for Boston and never returns.