Season 1 Episodes 1-6

01.01: Legacy - April 19 1990
Estranged brothers Joe and Brian Hackett reunite to run a small commuter airline together. They prepare for takeoff with a quirky crew of characters including their childhood friend Helen Chappel, their rival Roy Biggins, the outspoken Fay and one-of-a-kind maintenance guy, Lowell Mather.

01.02: Around The World In Eighty Years - April 26 1990
Anxiety is in the air when Helen, a cellist, scores a symphony audition in Cambridge. Meanwhile, Fay convinces a retired pilot to reach for the sky and continue his dream of flying solo around the world.

01.03: Return to Nantucket Part I May 3 1990
Despite a thick fog, Brian flies Sandpiper’s one and only plane to Boston to meet his ex-wife Carol on her layover. Will he rekindle an old flame… Or crash and burn?

01.04: Return to Nantucket Part IIMay 10 1990
Brian’s ex-wife Carol wreaks havoc on Nantucket, as she comes between the brothers and accuses Helen of being jealous of her. The unexpected love triangle has Joe and Brian staring sibling rivalry square in the eye.

01.05: There Once Was a Girl from Nantucket May 17 1990
Brian tries to spark Joe’s lame love life by setting him up with the islands most infamous playgirl. Soon, the brothers end up on a double date with disaster.

01.06: All for One and Two for HelenMay 24 1990
When Brian plans to seduce Helen, she sees red.… while Joe sees green. But when Joe spies on them, Helen decides to give both brothers a lesson in love and friendship.

Season 2 Episodes 7-28

02.07: The PuppetmasterSeptember 28, 1990
Determined to get Helen to drop her “No Dating Pilots” rule, Brian hires an actor to play a charming pilot bent on winning Helen’s heart. But his plot backfires when Helen ends up with a ring on her finger… and Brian ends up with mud on his face.

02.08: The Story of JoeOctober 5, 1990
Cheers regulars Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin fly Sandpiper Air on a fishing trip to Nantucket. Meanwhile, an airline magazine reporter interviews Joe, but finds Brian’s stories more newsworthy.

02.09: A Little Nightmare Music October 12, 1990
Aspiring cellist Helen hits a sour note when she performs an impromptu audition for a visiting Minneapolis Philharmonic conductor. She’s ready to give up her dream… unless, Joe and Brian can get the critical conductor to sing a different tune.

02.10: Sports and Leisure October 19, 1990
After ruining the gang’s fishing trip, killjoy Roy asks Joe for tips on how to make more friends. He gets a chance to test his new charm at the group’s weekly Trivial Pursuit game… but playing nice may be harder than it looks.

02.11: A Stand Up Kind of Guy October 26, 1990
Even though he does not remember the groom, Joe agrees to be the best man at a high school classmate’s wedding. Now, he’s throwing the bachelor party and hosting the wedding weekend… for better or worse.

02.12: It's Not the Thought, It's the Gift November 9, 1990
In an effort to win her affection, Joe and Brian compete to give birthday girl Helen extravagant gifts. A deceptive and generous Brian seems to have won the contest, but Joe’s heartfelt gift ends up being the icing on the cake.

02.13: Hell Hath No Fury like a Policewoman Scorned November 16, 1990
After he’s nailed for 42 unpaid parking tickets, Brian sweet talks the tough-but-lonely policewoman and ends up arresting her attention and then some. But to get out of this relationship he’ll need to call for some serious back-up.

02.14: High Anxiety November 23, 1990
When Joe’s high blood pressure keeps him from flying, laidback Brian takes over the captain’s seat. But soon, the brothers have a confrontation that could ground Sandpiper Air forever.