Quick Biography:

Fay Cochran
As Portrayed By: Rebecca Shull


Sandpiper Terminal Attendant

First Season:


First Episode:

01. Legacy


George Cochran - Husband (Deceased) George Dumbly - Husband (Deceased) George DeVay - Husband (Deceased)


Kind, nurturing, motherly, slightly batty, feisty (to an extent), slightly manipulative


Her job, everything running smoothly.


Roy's dishonesty and multiple attempts to buyout Sandpiper, chaos (mostly caused by Brian), the thought of retirement


Joe Hackett
Brian Hackett
Helen Hackett
Lowell Mather
Antonio Scarpacci
Casey Chappel
Alex Lambert
Roy Biggins (sometimes)


Roy Biggins (sometimes)

Fay Evelyn Schlob Dumbly DeVay Cochran, Joe's only employee besides Brian, is a former flight attendant who handles the ticket counter, baggage check, and flight announcements for Sandpiper Air. Fay has buried three husbands, all with the first name George, and half-jokes of a curse in which, if she marries a man named George, he dies. She is a generally sweet and motherly woman, though slightly batty, who looks after the younger members of their circle as her own children, with the possible exception of Roy Biggins, for whom she often has little patience due to his generally contemptible behavior. She can, however, be sweetly manipulative.

Fun Trivia Facts:

  • Fay had an ancestor on the Mayflower.
  • Either her first or second husband was in the army, she cannot remember. Her first husband was a boxer, and she was his corner man. She didn't mind the language, but hated the spitting. Her second husband was a fanatic about being late. Her second husband used to flick his cigar ashes all around.
  • Fay claims to have buried two of her husbands in June.
  • Fay's first husband died when he was hit by a truck.
  • Fay played drums in the USO all girls band, Korea 1952.
  • Fay used to live in Manhattan and Syracuse.
  • Fay was arrested once in 1966 for decking a guy during an anti-war rally.
  • Fay used to serve sodas at Woolworth's.
  • Fay once crawled through a baggage hull as a stewardess and kicked down the landing gear.
  • The airline she worked for was forcing her to retire when she met Joe on flight 211 to Honolulu.
  • Fay is an honorary Sioux Indian.
  • Scallops are one of her favorite foods.
  • Fay thinks Lucielle Ball is hysterical.
  • Fay has touched every first lady in the last fifty years.
  • Fay has erotic dreams about David Brinkley.
  • Fay lives at 205 Elm Street.
  • Fays favorite color is blue.