Gail ScottEdit

Gail Scott was the girlfriend of Joe Hackett in the third season of the show.  After Helen Chapel left Joe to persue her music career in New York Joe began to date Gail.  In order to help convince Helen to move back to Nantucket Joe decided not to mention Gail to her.  After Helen had moved back from New York she eventually discovered the truth and in a fit of anger she drove her Jeep through Joe's office.  Gail and Helen eventually become friends which makes Joe very uncomfortable.

When Gail sees Joe and Helen fighting she realizes that they are still in love even though they are clearly not ready to get back togethor.  Gail realizes that Joe is not over Helen and decides to break up with him.

Gail made no further appearances on the show following the breakup. However, when Helen was engaged to Joe she gives him grief about Gail sending him a Christmas card. When Joe says many people sent him Christmas cards to be nice, Helen says it is a code to try to break up Helen and win Joe back, which Joe says is pointless. Later, when Lowell breaks a clock on Joe's desk, Joe protests that Gail gave him that clock when they were dating, only to get sharp looks from Helen.