Quick Biography:

Howard Banks
As Portrayed By: Richard Erdman


Retired Hat Salesman

First Season:


First Episode:

02. Around The World In 80 Years



Howard Banks turned up in the passenger terminal at Tom Nevers Field one day and stayed, appearing to never want to leave. When the guys became curious as to who he was, they learned that Lowell had befriended the man somewhat and learned that: “He’s a retired hat salesman who is flying around the world in that Sterrman two-seater. He’s an Aries with his moon in Scorpio, and his favorite color is blue.”

He left his hat business two years ago to start his trip around the world, but now, forty minutes away from completing his trip, he finds himself afraid to return home because of a pact he made with god in which he said if he was allowed to complete his trip, then god could take him.

After a brief romantic fling with Fay she convinces him to finish the trip, only instead he returns to tell her of his plan to fool god by flying his entire trip in reverse, that way he never will have completed his journey. Fay wishes him well and he leaves to continue his trip.