Roy Biggins Junior, also known as "Roy Junior", or R.J. is the only son of Silvia and Roy Biggins Senior. He was played by Abraham Benrubi As a child, R.J. did not get along well with his mother, but excellent with his father as they both shared a love of sports. R.J. abided by training programs his father prescribed in order to better himself at football, and he made the Siasconset High School football team. In order to avoid being top-heavy on sports in his college applications, R.J. took cello lessons from Helen in order to appear more balanced in athletics, academics and the arts. It was then that R.J. revealed he was a homosexual, and Helen encouraged him not to keep it secret. R.J. however, took Helen's advice a little too enthuastically, telling everyone he met of his coming out and making plans for a Gay Pride parade in Nantucket. R.J. came out to his father, prompting Roy Senior to react with anger and denial. Roy Senior decides to settle the issue with Roy Junior in court, the basketball court, that is. If R.J. wins he could be homosexual, but not allowed to be homosexual if he lost. R.J. wins, but this leads to a rift between father and son that would not be resolved until much later in the series.