Roy Biggins
As Portrayed By David Schramm


Owner of Aeromass Airlines

First Season:


First Episode:

01. Legacy


R.J. Biggins (Son) - Sylvia Biggins (Ex-Wife) - Eleanor Biggins (Mother)

Quick BiographyEdit

Roy is the owner of Aeromass, the only other airline on Nantucket, and with seven planes a larger business than Sandpiper, although Roy had been unable to break into the lucrative business of charter flights. Generally competitive, arrogant and unpleasant, Roy often belittles Joe for having a small-time operation and mocks Joe's business skills. Despite this, Roy feels threatened by Joe's presence as a competitor, and makes numerous attempts to either buy Sandpiper or put it out of business.

Roy was married to a woman named Sylvia; for several years he claimed that she died, but it was later revealed that actually she had left him and is now living in Boston and married to a wealthy plastic surgeon. The couple had one son, R.J. (Roy Junior), who is a homosexual.

Roy is a dishonest man. Examples included him forcing a customer on a plane who just ordered a large meal from Helen. The customer leaves his meal and the money for Helen; Roy promptly steals both. He also established false charities to include one for his "late wife" and using the proceeds for fly-fishing trips or to subscribe to the Playboy Channel. He has an autographed picture of Richard Nixon in his office and was once arrested for trying to sneak aboard Air Force One to have a picture taken of himself shaking hands with President George H. W. Bush.

While normally conniving and arrogant, Roy does have a sense of fun: Since his birthday was on February 29, 1948, a leap year, he celebrates it only once every four years as if he were only a quarter of his real age. He drives a purple El Camino, to which he claims he can disconnect the brake lights in order to engage in insurance fraud by being unintentionally rear-ended by people in luxury cars.

Fun Trivia FactsEdit

  • In the episode where Antonio Scarpacci marries Helen Chappel to obtain a green card, Brian Hackett asks the immigration agency agent to investigate Roy's refusal to pay taxes to the IRS.
  • Roy Biggins was born on Leap Day, February 29. He apparently has a little brother.
  • He used to play semi-pro football.
  • He married Sylvia, and had a son, Roy Jr. (R.J.) He used to buy her lingerie that lit up. Unfortunately, she ran out on him, and he told everyone that she had died. Only recently did he tell them the truth, and even went to see Sylvia for the first time in sixteen years.
  • His mom lives in a nursing home. Her name is Eleanor "Bluto" Biggins.
  • Roy sang the national anthem at a Boston Red Sox game. The first time he tried, he fainted, and made the evening news as Roy "Blackout" Buggins (they even spelled his name wrong). When he tried to sing it again, the microphone cut out towards the end, and in order to prove to everyone that he had truthfully hit the high note, he began singing again and was taken out of the stadium forcefully by the security guards.
  • He has a dog named Brutus.
  • Roy pulled Lowell into the lifeboat when the plane crashed into the ocean.
  • Roy snores when he sleeps.
  • He always compares women to his ex-wife, Sylvia.
  • He broke into the airline business with some old money his uncle left him.
  • He always orders a jumbo turkey leg or the chilli at the lunch counter.
  • When Roy found out that his son R.J. was gay, he challenged him to a game of basketball, one-on-one. R.J. won, but Roy did not accept the fact that his only child was gay.
  • He paid for his mother's hip replacement.
  • He has an autographed picture of Richard Nixon in his office.
  • After he was in Joe's plane when it crashed, he received a huge settlement from Joe's insurance company with a false claim.
  • He once ordered a Russian woman out of a catalog.
  • He buys lunch from Helen every day and always stiffs her on tips.
  • He bears a great resemblance to Oliver Hardy.
  • Roy considers John Forsythe to be the handsomest man in the world.
  • He loves to rent adult movies.
  • Once he told everybody he stole $250,000 and buried it in his back yard, just so that they would dig a hole in his yard. He planned on placing a hot tub in the hole. Roy buries all kinds of things in his back yard: dead car batteries, spray paint cans, varnish, and pesticides.
  • He has a little switch on his car's dashboard that disconnects the brake lights.
  • Though Roy often times will belittle Joe and Sandpiper Air, he, after seeking Joe's advice about whether or not his girlfriend (Mary Pat-Lee) really likes him or not, he told Joe that he was his best friend.
  • Roy has a wheezing laugh.
  • He has a tiny sneeze.