Sylvia Biggins is the ex-wife of Roy Biggins Sr. and the mother of Roy Biggins Junior. She was played by Conceitta Tomei. Sylvia died before the series premiere, and Roy established a charity in her honor. However, at one point Roy's guilt got the better of him and he admitted that she is not dead, she walked out on him one day and was last seen in Boston, and that he used the fake charity money to subsidize his vacations. Roy traveled to Boston to make amends with her, only to learn she married a wealthy doctor and was pleased with her upper crust life. Later in the series, she came to Nantucket to sleep with Roy at an attempt to get back at her second husband for committing adultery, but Roy refuses when it is blatant she is using him and does not love him. Although Roy kicked Silvia out of his life after that, relationship problems still linger, as in one time when Roy was adamant about marrying a mail-order bride from Russia; he privately admits to Helen it was on account of the fear of dying alone, combined with the sting of Silvia leaving him.